Osteopathy and elderly people

Osteoarthritis, joint stiffness and loss of tissue elasticity are frequent causes of pain in older people. We can all feel better in our bodies and osteopathy can be of great help.

Patients often ask me, “Do you also treat older people or the elderly?” Over the years we accumulate injuries, osteoarthritis, stiffness in tissues and joints … We also suffer accidents, illnesses and operations that can greatly reduce our natural mobility.

Spine stiffness can be a sourceof a lot of sufferingespecially in the cervical region, causing discomfort, pain, headache, migraine and/or instability …

Osteoarthritis of knees and hips is a frequent reason for visiting the osteopath. Even while waiting for a prosthesis, we can greatly enhance the patient’s life quality.

Osteopathy helps the different parts of the body regain its natural mobility in a soft and delicate way, always adapted to the patient’s physical condition. So my answer to the question is: “Yes, and I love doing it!” .

There is no age limit for osteopathic treatment and the results are often surprising.