Osteopathy and adolescence

It is important to release the blockages that can prevent the adolescent’s body from developing to its full potential. The osteopath does a good prevention and treatment of scoliosis, growth pains and cervical contractures …

The adolescent’s body undergoes great changes and above all, it grows very fast. If you drag barriers from previous stages of life, this will be your last great opportunity to release them and allow your structure to develop to its full potential.

Any treatment that can be done before the body growth is completed will have a great impact on the future biomechanical balance and, therefore, on the future physical well-being of the adult.

Adolescents may also require osteopathic treatment due to sports injuries or contractures caused by theircarrying very heavy backpacks.

Main reasons for consultation in adolescents:

  • Cervical contractures
  • Scoliosis
  • Sports injuries
  • Growing pains in knees (Osgood-Schlatter) or heels
  • Chest malformations (narrow, sunken chest, asymmetries)