Osteopathy in sport

Osteopathy, together with physical therapy, is the preferred therapy for sportspeoplewho want to maximize their physical condition, prevent injuries or treat them.

From elite athletes to the average or amateur ones …

The high performance athlete/sportsperson needs a perfect physical, metabolic and psychological adjustment to excel in theirpractice and avoid injuries. Small imbalances in joints, muscle-tendon-fascia, vertebral, circulatory or respiratory mechanics can lead to more important injuries related to the exertion levels the activity involves or demands.

Osteopathy works out very well as a means to prevent injuries when the first discomfort appears or even earlier, but it can also complement the work of physical therapy in rehabilitation.

The amateur or average athlete typically lacks the fitness trainer, biomechanical control, and nutritional advice that an elite athlete has. For this reason, I highly recommend taking physical coaching and an eventual visit to the osteopath into account, even in absence of injury or pain.

The occasional athlete sometimes spends periods of low activity in which the body loses physical shape and becomes stiff. The osteopath can do a good “set-up” of the structure so that sports activities can be resumed in the best possible conditions.

As an osteopath I encourage everyone to practise daily physical activity, including any soft, varied and “playful” or fun exercise that may suit the tastes and preferences of each person.